The marvelous inhabitants of the Fuji

Mikado Nintoku-tenṇ has told me: "Francis, you have stayed the day before yesterday (18 October 85-305.) close to me, you in her dress my beloved Kami of the...
You have stayed yesterday (18 October 1855-1948.) close to me, you in her dress my beloved Mikado Usui of the...
You are today (18 October 1955-20.3 ...) the my always beloved Mikado Francis, he who has succeeded to absorb in the body and in the Spirit the new energies dell'11° Divinity of the Ancient Fuji...
You go Mikado Francis, you go and gift to the whole world, the immortal beauty of ours ancient and sacred Fuji with the benediction of the 10° Divinity that they precede you."
...of the seven marvelous and divine....lake of the Fuji.
... dei woods.
Year 2000: Mikado Francis visits the fall of the Fuji with his gilded Salmon...
                       Arrived E' at night and with her, Mikado Francis and the his beloved Fuji, they there hand the them affectionate salutes.
Message of Mikado Francesco

I hope that the "our gift" you there have liked.
There I carry to acquaintance that I will change this page with new very handsome image of the my beloved and sacred Fuji.

Want you to know when?
Good E' hold secret the date."

"Benedict and he who to eyes for see the beauties of the Principal good person."