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Mikado Francesco Boemi is a Sensei or Spiritual Master worldly known, he is one of those rare people that only with their pesence can purify the karma or destiny of the world around them. He has travelled  around the world and in 1975 he went in the libian desert for three years to make the decision to dedicate his life to the research of the truth the “great truth” and to reveal his discovery in 18 books written in the arc of 8 years. (1995-2003)…
“There is those people that speaks, and withort knowledge or forethought reveal a truth which they themselves do not understand...
…And there are those who have the truth within them, but they tell it not in words…
Printed in the year 1995 -  Out of print - 1st. “Reiki: First Level...” - booklet - 2nd. “Reiki: Second Level...” -  booklet - 3rd. “Reiki Year 1995 Master, now all is fulfilled…”
Printed  for three times in the year 1996 - Out of print - 4th. 5 th.  6 th.  “The truth on the Reiki”
Printed in the year 1997 - Out of print - 7 th.  “The latest phase - The Secret of the long Life”
Printed in the year 1998 -  Out of print - 8 th.  “The Light beyond the light”
Printed in the year 1999 -  9 th.  “The Art of the Fast” - 10 th.  “Unified Chakra” - 11 th.  “Reiki: The return of Mikado Usui” - Out of print
Printed in the year 2000 - Out of print - 12 th.  “Healer of Light”- 13 th.  “Japan - The Sacred IN or Mudras” - booklet
Printed in the year 2001 - 14 th.  “The Truth beyond the truth”
Printed in the year 2002 - 15 th.  “Reiki Fuji”
Printed in the year 2003 - 16 th.  "The Project Mikado Nintoku-tennò" 
This only written book in English language, represent the miracle of the miracles of Mikado Francis. E' well come to acquaintance that in the time record of two months, the printing is exhausted and hour so much of copies has scattered in the World and is to the inside of the house of the "your Beloved Imperial Family" and of the Japanese people, to the Embassies and Consulates of all the World...
Not satisfied of the awful made effort, Mikado has wanted to also arrive in the hands of "Men of good Wish" and Use, Iran, Russia, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan and other small and big countries scattered called Earth in this small, but shining Star...
17th.  "Il Progetto Mikado Nintoku-tennò" - 18th.  "Kundalini Fuji"
Mikado Francis, has felt the importance of give these his two last wealths to those people that he stays about any is has made do any limited copies in Italian language"
In the year 2004: 19° "Kundalini Fuji"
With this text, Mikado Francis wants to help all those people that lives in the inside of the energetic world to love, respect deepest and thin energy of the universe and give them a simple message: "Stop it of be afraid of her.
Follow me in this walk and I, Mikado Francis I there will help to love Fratel Sun and Sister Moon and I there promise that I there will carry to communicate with all the animals that for millennia have lived in you under the protection or the powerful person power of
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