Mikado Francescoji
Preface By Carmen Magnacca
Freelance journalistic note.
From 1968 to 1970 she wrote on Roma and Napoli Notte dailies.
From Strasbourg, she keeps correspondence for the Secolo d’Italia newspaper until 1987.
Always concerned about politics she assumes various political and public offices.             
She funded and became president of the “Donne Italiane” Association inspired by European and American feminism for deeper and more adequate research of women’s social rights.
Due to the political feminist cause with which she was invested, she was seized several times by the political offices. She was arrested in the Piana of Gioia Tauro where she was given a mandatory residence at first in Vibovalentia, and thereafter in Palmi where she was confined for 40 days.
In 1995 she graduates at the I.S.M.E.O in Japanese language with full honours, she was in fact, the best student of the course. Beside her, there were the Japanese’s Sensei (Masters).
In 1996 she meets Francescoji Boemi. Through traditional teachings she follows the Reiki Kury-ama path, which leads to spiritual healing, as well as the well-known Divine Virtues, basis that Francescoji teaches his pupils.
In the academic year 1997-98 she begins her study on American Indian people. She obtains a certificate as Regional Tourist Guide specialized in French and English languages and becomes a diplomatic messenger in both languages.
In 1999 she continues her studies on astrology, preparation of herbs, chiromancy and especially those on Indo American people discovering and interpreting their profound astrology.
Dear brother,
 since you are my brother, you are also my sister, you are the one who, courageously, in an ordinary day of his life, decided to leave for a painful and dangerous journey to encounter an occult guest: yourself. You have probably walked along paths, which differ from mine, but it does not matter, because the goal is only one. It is possible that just like me, you have fallen thousands of times, and thousands of times you have risen. I have forgotten, and you too should forget. I am aware of the many obstacles you have overcome and the numerous mountains you have climbed. And, if you did this, or if you are doing all this now, you belong to me, you belong to us, and you are our brother, our sister. And as such, I want to introduce you to a brother who is very dear to me. A brother who is united to us by the same spirit of courage, a brother that unites us to many others alike us. Because before us he integrated himself with the Spirit of Love in which, all of us who practise the way of Truth, believe.
Francescoji Boemi and his works
 Talking about Francescoji Boemi whose stage name is Mikado Francescoji, is for me a particularly difficult task, either because of my cultural background, or because of the way, time, and places in which I elaborated this education.
The only analogies between us are the surreal childhood experiences and the multiplicity of lives in various dimensions. However, to the existential discomfort and solitude that such a different way of being involves, Francescoji and I reacted in opposite ways. Personally, since I was very young, yet a little girl, I used the human knowledge as a weapon to defend myself.
On the contrary, Francescoji confidently abandoned himself to the embrace of the “Billions of little brilliants and symbols” which were pouring on him. He serenely let himself be carried away by the sources of light that surrounded him and with which he was faced notwithstanding the everyday difficulties and sorrows, components of no minor importance in his childhood. During his adolescence when he felt the need of a thorough set-up in this dimension, he began a systematic search to learn the purpose of his being here and now. The only weapons he disposed of were his intuitions and the certitude of reality of his childhood experiences.
Francescoji opened himself up to the world while I withdrew from mine.
Many years have elapsed since the time of our adolescence.
16 July 2000- Mikado Francis in Japan before the scaling on the Fuji...
Francescoji continued his journey, and found himself at a very young age. He discovered his “inner desert” and in spite of the many difficulties he returned to his beloved Japan where he was able to climb his “Sacred Fuji Mountain”.
Francescoji lived his life rigorously and coherently; he accepted and absorbed all the new experiences that he happened to make with the understanding that nothing happens by chance.
Even though he had a poor educational background - as he humorously tells us-and had, therefore, many gaps in his cultural knowledge, he became at first unconsciously, and then consciously, the faithful chronicle of parallels lives, worlds and realities. Through the simple modus vivendi adopted, he clearly proposed himself, among others, as the one who recognizes the task to be carried here, now, which is that of “Guardian of the door that leads to other worlds”. However, he suddenly discovered to have limited his task to that of a mere “Guardian” and overcome the obstacle by recognizing himself as the man with the capability to enlighten the way that he, himself had opened. That is, an ever intense and spread light, which would enable us, members of his great family to overlook in other dimensions. This without intermediates to absorb and take away all the love we need for our well - being, and enabling us to grow up in a more congenial way.
In the year 2000, Francescoji recreated, in a magical shining circle, his three previous lives, coming to an original synthesis, which is his real essence. Mikado Francescoji is Francescoji Marto (his Guardian Angel), is Saint Pio (his Celestial Guide), is Saint John the Evangelist (his Celestial Companion), is Yuzu Asaph (his Immortal brother and Master), is Mikado Nintoku-tennò (his immortal Mikado and brother in Spirit), is Daniel (first life lived in Nazareth) is Kami (second life lived in Japan) is Usui (third life lived in Japan), because he is an integral part of the “Anima Mundi” (Soul of the world).
His encounter with Yuzu Asaf and Mikado Nintoku-tennò, is therefore quite natural, as natural is overlapping it for the harmony of his growth, for having been able to make his biological rhythms coincide with those of the universal essence in an unnatural way; by recognizing them, and by nourishing them, with the same care he used for his earthly body. The first new message, which transpires ever since his work, is that of loving one another completely. Only by losing our defined (Body-Soul-Mind) we are able to reach the infinite. Hence, it is between the lines of his first book (written in the space of nine years) that he wrote is 16th and last oeuvre. It is in the silence and in the essence of those first pages, carefully written, with the stubborn need to talk about oneself, that one foresees what his writings will talk about. As a matter of fact what we see is only the outline of an essay that Francescoji is developing before us, as if it were a Japanese “E-Maki-Mono” miniature painted roll, progressively unrolling to tell us a story. In fact, the rhythm of its growth becomes ever more evident in the last seven books that Francescoji wrote. With growing courage, coherence and humility his clear message to the world simply states: “This is who I am” I do not intend to amaze you, or to influence your thinking. And if you allow me, I simply wish to conquer your heart, make you feel what I feel and donate you what I have inherited. But if you are not willing, do go away and, if possible, do not judge me as to avoid that it will fall back upon you. I am here and shall remain here with my dreams and, if ever you want to join me, I shall welcome you and love you as the Father Yazu Asaf, and my beloved Mikado Nintoku-tennò have welcomed and loved me.”
And, it is in these latest books that he defines the universality of his faith. A faith that goes beyond racial discrimination but unites cultures and people within a wider and ever more defined vision of the eternal truths, that we have already gathered - though in a fragmented and unclear way- from the so-called sacred texts.
Finally- my heart cries out- I am sure that throughout his latest book Francescoji will provide us with truths uttered by a different strength, because freed from any hidden desire of possession or power. All of Francescoji’s human history had prepared us for this reading; nonetheless, it hits us with the brightness of the source from which he draws.
In his new office of faithful “transcribers” (not writer) of enlightened texts, he surprises and amazes us. I personally feel the need to consult the Spirit of my Indian friends and I do it through their profound horoscope, which only confirms to me what my heart already knew and fostered: Francescoji Boemi in stage Mikado Francescoji, is a Rabbi, a Wakan, a Sensei, in one word: A Guide or Spiritual Master who incarnated in the West-World. His only aim is that of bringing men back to the magical path that his immortal Master Yuzu Asaph, who is Jesus, and his beloved Mikado Nintoku-tennò showed him: Universal brotherhood.
Before our soul’s eyes Francescoji completes the circle that brightens so much that it is impossible to distinguish its single elements. We all are in that door of light that is becoming brighter and wider. There are its detractors and its sustainers. It includes all of us because it assigns to each one of us the right place. It puts together a dismantled drawing allowing us to understand our goal, the real meaning of our troubled life. It also gives us the opportunity to define ourselves according to the encounters we missed and those we respected. Its new, but still old story is only this, and especially this, is Francescoji: my elected brother and your elected brother too.
                                                                                                Carmen Magnacca
Mikado Francescoji
Is one of those rare Sensei,
or spiritual masters  that has the power to purify in silence, the karmic destiny…..
Many people all over the world have recognized
 him as a great Sensei or spiritual leader,
 but he after 40 days of fasting has declared that he
 “wants to live simply as one of the others in the world”…
In the year 2000 he was called in Japan by the Byakko,
one of the biggest world organizations
of peace that is part of “Project 70”
 and lived a period of 21 days of intense trial
both physically and spiritually, to do the last test of excellence,
to climb the sacred mountain of Japan carrying a load of 21 kilos...
Mikado Francescoji
declares to have re-awaken two lives
that he lived in Japan 1st. in the vestments of the
peasant- Sensei Kami (85-390) who lived at the side
 of his Emperor Mikado Nintoku-tennò …
2nd. The peasant-Sensei Kami was reincarnated
 into Mikado Usui  (1855-1948)…
Mikado Francescoji,
declares to have been
called in spirit by his beloved Mikado
 to put in act the “Project Mikado Nintoku-tennò”
 in the Land of The Rising Sun…
The after Mikado Francis, through the prediction of Mikado Nintoku-tennò
Mikado Nintoku-tennò said to me: “…And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another empire in the sky…”
The prophecy of Mikado Nintoku-tennò continues regarding my next life to be lived. “Kami, you will live two lives* within ten times seven of the “Third Millennium”** you will live a new life as Mikado of a new, rich island which will be given to you by the Pacific Ocean and it will be known as the Earth of Mikado, who is the Light and Stars. You will live in a era which will be called for time everlasting : “The Era of the Dove or of Love”.
You will govern a nation made up of 21.000.000 people and among these people there will be a place for those Japanese who killed themselves because of the stress of their work and for all the workers of Reiki Kury-ama, even if for many of them it will be difficult  to reach you and this will happen until they recognize you in that life as their “Shepherd and Mikado”
*The first as Mikado Usui and the second as Mikado Francescoji …. - ** I should be born as Mikado within the year 2070…
Brief reflection
Here ends the prophecy of my beloved Mikado Nintoku-tennò and it is spontaneous for me to help you and tell you another secret. You must be aware that the Sensei or the Spiritual Master knows that denial helps those who choose to continue the illusion. The acceptance is for those who choose “here and now” to put a stop to the illusion and in that which Mikado Nintoku-tennò called the return in Japan of “the Era of Peace” and in this year 2003, the year in which this extraordinary book entered my beloved Japan only thirty-three westerners have managed to live to the full the “Mikado Nintoku-tennò Project“, and today, they are the pure representation of the sacred journey of the “Lotus Flower”.
The “Moral Principles” of Mikado Francescoji
Don’t worry.
Don’t be angry.
Don’t forget your blessings.
Live honestly.
Be kind to all those around you.
Eat with gratitude.
Honour your parents and the others.
Honour yourTeachers and Spiritual Sensei,
and the Divinity or Saints of all Religions”