“The era of the Emperor Mikado Ninotoku-tennò
Called the era Nintoku or of peace”
It’s “Moral Principles”
 “Only today don’t worry.
Only today don’t be angry.
Only today count your blessings.
Only today live honestly.
Only today be kind to everyone around you.
Eat the food of gratitude.
Honour your parents and those near you.
Honour your teachers, the Sensei
 and all the Divinities residing on the sacred Fuji”
The Virtues, indestructible foundations of the "Project Mikado Nintoku"
 To dig into the ancient and profound Taumaturgiche roots of the "Project Mikado Nintoku" , it is necessary to sit comfortable while you listen to my new story.
 We have seen at the beginning of the story of the birth of Japan, how the “Taumaturgiche virtue of burns” represent a command on the emotions and mental state, and the “intestinal worms or ossurasi” represent the command on the physical state, and of “the equilibrium” the fusion between the buio-Kury-ama with the light-Fuji.These three virtues are the Taumaturgiche foundation of the "Project Mikado Nintoku" .That in honour of the wise one Yuzu Asaf and of Mikado Nintoku-tennò is transmitted Christmas Eve at midnight .
 Let’s continue and try to absorb the first life lived in Japan by an official Makado, that with spiritual courage transmitted to a simple land worker Sensei called Kami a part of the divine power known later as "Project Mikado Nintoku" , that is the gift to absorb Light and Stars with the aim to increase the path of life on earth.
 The "Project Mikado Nintoku"   began his first official path in 107a.d. and his real founder was not called Mikado Usui, but Yuzu Asaf, that at the age of 107 years went for the second time to Japan and gave the ability to absorb the “light and the stars” to a young boy of 20 years called Nintoku-tennò.
 Now sit comfortably and I will tell you of his enlightened story.
 The terrible prediction
 Many years ago there was in the sunny land  of Japan, an Emperor by the name of Nintoku-tennò who left a profound mark on that era.
Now I will transmit the immortal story that is shown to me with my inner eye. I see my Sacred Book in front of me and I am ready to begin.
The first line is addressed to me and it is this:
“Dear Mikado Francesco when you read this page it will be the sign that humanity has arrived at the third millennium and brother will fight brother each in the name of his God*.
The knowledge to live in complete peace and harmony does not belong to this era, you know that that is for the future, the future that you are trying to live now. This is called the era of the Dove and it is near. In the middle of the second millennium will be the other face of Japan and there will be an awareness that it is no longer the sacred land but will be hit by a poisonous mushroom** while at the beginning of the third millennium the centre of Tokyo will be hit by a ball of fire that will fall from the sky***
Mikado are you asking yourself why.
The answer is one only, because Japan has closed the door of the 7th. Heaven and lives intensely in the power of the third dimension, without a Sensei, a Divinity, a Mikado of Light and Stars!
Now we continue with our story.”
*Israel and Palestine, America, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Corea, Japan, India and Kashmir.
**August 1945 Atomic bomb.
***it should happen by the end of the cycle of purification 2000-14.
China looks for “the Elixir of Long Life” on Fuji
 After a moment of repose I am now ready to take up my story again thinking of my experience of the light and the stars lived at the peak of Fuji and I want to disclose to you something that has accompanied me all my enlightened lives. The love for my Sacred Mountain of Fuji.
 It is said that in 177 a.d. in the fifth reign of Emperor Korei, an enormous earthquake caused mount Fuji to rise and formed lake Biwa*
 In the year 314, word spread that Fuji was the residence of immortals, hence the Chinese doctor of the Emperor of China Hsu Fuh, Ts’ in Che Houang and the magic Taoist, went to Japan in search of immortality.
 The historian Sseu ma Ts-ien affirms that he arrived with three thousand young people all skilled in various trades and with many sacks of seeds. The magic liquor was not found and the wise man refused to let the young people return to China. In so doing many classic books were destroyed as the the Chinese Emperor had them destroyed in revenge for not receiving the much awaited elixir.
 His many companions formed a rural family community in Kawachi and from then on forgot the Emperor and his orders and lived happily ever after.
 It is well to remember that Fuji will show all the strength of her anger by letting an entire town on a mount on her western side fall into degradation of body and soul.
* This has been the inspirational  source of many poets and painters.
Mikado Nintoku-tennò, the greatest Mikado in the history of Japan, custodian of the “lights and Stars”
It is written in the Sacred Book that when the Emperor of Japan Nintoku was born, an enormous white cloud formed over the crater of Fuji and dispersed in all directions sending all over the country waves of violet energy.
 Nintoku was born with a very particular sign. On the top part of his arm there were three suns or vaioli in a vertical line a cross that visibly came out of the flesh and at the centre of this there appeared a face with a crown of thorns.
 On precisely 18th.october a.d. at 8.30. the moment when he was born, a bad omen, the owl Tsuko flew into his room. The father, the Emperor of Ojin-tennò secretly venerated as the God of war with the name of Hachiman, to change the future of his son, gave his son the name of O-sasagi and his other son the name of Tsuki.
 He wanted his first born Waki-iratsuko to succeed the throne but to guide the land of The Rising Sun was too great a responsibility for this son, so he asked his brother to accept this honour in his place. O-sasagi refused the crown bowing to his father’s will and in consequence a competition of modesty between the two brothers lasted for more than three years ending with the suicide of Waki-iratsuko.
 After this tragic gesture O-sasagi was morally compelled to help the weak in spirit and become Mikado Nintoku-tennò the new Emperor of Japan.
 Mikado Nintoku and his peer Kami
 Now we will share together a beautiful ancient story set in the land of The Rising Sun. The two principal protagonists are two children born at exactly the same year, same day same second.
 It is important to know that on that very day the sun and the full moon fused together to give a strange vibration of divine and Taumaturgic* energy to chosen spirits.
 In this light that was settling on the earth there were two who decided to be part of the sacred country of The Rising Sun and these were Alfa and Omega or the beginning and the end of the path. One was called Kami, the son of a land worker and the other Nintoku, son of the Emperor of Japan Ojin-tennò.
 The story tells us that both from the moment of birth cured the sick with their hands from which  passed a strange flow of energy that they felt coming from their heart.
 Many moons passed and both Kami and Nintoku became respected and adored by all.
Kami loved the land and the so called “cure of the earth or sacred virtue” this love had been in his family for many generations and knew that now his elderly grandfather was awaiting his natural passage in nature.
 For Nintoku it was completely different he had absorbed from birth “the rare Taumaturgic or Mikado power” to cure the body and soul of the Japanese people.
*Divine or miraculous energy.
The wonderful gift
The years passed and the day arrived of Kami’s 33th. birthday  Celebrating with his family in front of the warm fire his elderly grandfather asked him what he would like for this special day. Kami paused for a moment and then surprised his parents with a strange request. He would like to go away from the family home for 21 days. They of course asked him the reason for this unusual desire, and his only answer was that they must try to understand what was happening to him bodily and spiritually, and ensured them that he would return having enhanced the family honour.
The next day Kami said goodbye to the family and the father gave him his blessing and watched as he walked away from the house, his figure fading into the distance enveloped in a ray of sun that the god Amaterasu sent to accompany him on his journey.
Kami’s return
After 22 days the old parents very worried, watched anxiously for the return of their beloved son. After some time they saw his figure in the distance and with great joy they and every one in the village celebrated his long awaited return.
Kami after some days took up his work and life continued as before ,but he never spoke to anyone in or out of the house of his mysterious absence. His dear ones repected his silence but noticed that he had completely changed, it was no longer the old Kami, it was inexplicable but it was as if he had a warm glow of energy inside him. The question that everyone wanted to ask was:
“Where had he been and what had happened in those 21 mysterious days?”
To add to the dilemma the young Emperor Nintoku-tennò had also disappeared in the same strange way at exactly the same time as Kami the kind peasant.
The birth of the "Project Mikado Nintoku"
 One evening after a long day on the land Kami was returning home with his old grandfather when he felt the warm rays of the sun sent by Aamaterasu enter his heart and burn it with love. In the prescence of his father his body was completely enveloped in light and all the ground around him was so absorbed in energy that all the planted seeds gave immediate life to plants.
Arriving home with the help of his poor stunned grandfather, who had also absorbed the energy they sat in silence in front of the fire. After moments of meditation Kami felt the need in that moment to call all his family around him. They all gathered and he noticed among them were also dear friends, he smiled and looking each one in the eye, touched them in the middle of their chests with both hands and said:
“Peace to you my loved ones, the moment has come for me to tell you of the “sacred dream”  lived by me in those 21 days of my  absense. Close your eyes and listen to me with your hearts open because now we can all share together this beautiful dream that you will want to keep all the life.
 Imagine that in this dream you have taken the decision to go out of your Kury-ama, that represents the anticamera of the light, to understand “who you are” really and to do this you must walk to the top of the sacred Fuji where there is the light.
 One warm morning you decide it is the moment to say goodbye to your family and go towards the light. On the way you hear the song of the birds, you feel the sweet wind blowing from the top of Fuji and the sound of the source of the river that transports it’s sacred water all over Japan.
Walking towards the river looking at the peak of Fuji at a certain moment you see a figure in a regal pose meditating.
 Above his head there is a beautiful light unknown to man. You try not to disturb Him but He is aware of your presence and opens his eyes. They are full of love and he gives a beautiful smile. You lower your head  in respect before asking how He radiates that magnificent light and if it is possible to  show you how. He answers that a long long time in the past he asked his master the same question.
And here begins his story:
“I was 21 years old when I decided to come out from my Kury-ama to go to Fuji to make a big decision in communion with the sacred Divinity. I stopped exactly in this spot of the river and saw a man with long hair dressed in a long white linen robe with strange signs on His hands and feet. He said He had come from afar and was called Yuzu Asaf. He was completely enveloped in a incandescent light and His every movement was so peaceful and harmonious that it did not belong to this world.
 Yuzu Asaf became my master and in answer to my question He looked at me with an indescribable  love, opened His chest and pulled out His heart from where came a  flame, He then opened my chest and took out my heart and put in the flame. When He returned my heart I immediately felt an intense love,  that of Yuzu Asaf that He had passed to me through the flame. This love was in honour of the energy that the Only Father or God had left on Fuji, in the name of "Project Mikado Nintoku" .
 That flame became an enormous fire, but a fire that doesn’t burn, but purifies all that it touches.It touched every cell in my body and transformed my love. The love grew and grew. That fire touched all my emotions and became so intense that I felt to be the spokesman for the world.
Gratitude for the Physical Body
In the name of all humanity I thank the human body.
All it’s functions that contribute to life: the blood the bones, the fluids, the nerves, the muscles, the intestines, and all the cells that form them.
The body is an important place where the heart
of God rests. Without this we cannot arrive
at perfect peace in the world.
We must respect, love and esteem our body
because it is the sacred temple of God.
Peace Peace Peace
The fire continues to burn and I feel the need to share this love. I decide to insert this “Divine Flame” into the centre of the earth and so make my way to Fuji.
Gratitude for the Earth
In the name of all humanity I thank the Angels*
 that preside on the earth, earth I thank you.
Thanks to you we live. We thank you for your
generosity that gives life to all forms of life.
Peace Peace Peace.
*In the past they were known as a Divinity or Kami.
My love grows even more looking at the sparks in the sea that are given by the “Sacred Flame” and watch as the flame becomes one with the sea.
Gratitude for the Sea
In the name of all humanity
I thank all the angels that preside in the sea.
Sea I thank you that we may live.
We thank you for your generosity
and beg you to forgive the insolence
of man that does not recognize you.
We ask you to calm the impetuous waves
that beat on the coast and destry the ships.
Peace Peace Peace
My love does not stop it grows and grows. The “Sacred Flame” is put in every flower every blade of grass, and every plant bewitching the path of Kury-ama that leads to the peak of Sacred Fuji and receives in exchange the love and all becomes one only.
Gratitude for the Vegetation
In the name of humanity
I thank the angels that preside in vegetation.
 Grass, trees, plants of all variety I thank you.
Thanks to your immense generousity we live.
Please pardon the selfish behaviour
of man that does not acknowledge you.
Peace Peace Peace
I put the “Divine Flame” in every crystal every stone in every  speck of dust from the lava of Fuji, in the metals and all love me and become one.
Gratitude for the Minerals
In the name of all humanity
I thank the angels that preside in the minerals.
Rocks, stone, coal, oil, and all other types
of minerals I thank you.
Every day we live thanks to you.
We thank you for your generousity
and pardon  the irresponsibility of man.
Peace Peace Peace
The “Sacred Fire” grows and purifies all that it touches I decide to put it in food and it becomes one.
Gratitude for the Food
In the name of all humanity
I thank the angels that preside in the food.
 Thanks to all types of food.
Because of you we live.
 Pardon man’s lack of gratitude and greed.
You are the souce of our energy to live and work.
Peace Peace Peace
The fire caused by the “Sacred Flame” continues to burn and it can’t be contained inside I must share this great love with the water and be at one with it.
Gratitude for the Water
In the name of humanity
 I thank the angels that reside in the water.
I thank you water, without you we do not live.
 Pardon the stupidity of man that in it’s
 ignorance polute you.
We thank you for your existence and for your function.
Peace Peace Peace
I decide to give the “Sacred Flame” to all the atmospheric phenomena. I feel a communion with thunder lightning storms and tempests and my love grows.
Gratitude for the Atmospheric Phenomena
In the name of all humanity
 I thank the angels that reside  in the atmosphere.
Rain, wind, air, snow, stars and all the
other celestial phenomena I thank you.
Every day our lives depend on you.
We thank you for your generousity and pardon
 us for the insolence of man in not acknowledging you.
Peace Peace Peace
The “Sacred Flame” becomes a great fire the fire that does not burn but purifies.I look at the sky and my love continues to grow for the God Amaterasu.
Gratitude for the Sun
In the name of all humanity
I give thanks to all the angels that preside in the sun.
We live every second thanks to your energy.
Every living thing owes it’s life to you.
We thank you for your generousity.
Peace Peace Peace
I look at the sky and the “Sacred Flame” wrapped in my love I put in the moon and my love grows.
Gratitude for the Moon
In the name of all humanity
I give thanks to the angels who preside in the moon.
Every living thing owes it’s life to you and your energy,
we thank you moon for your generousity.
Peace Peace Peace
My love grows even more and I decide to give the “Sacred Flame” to all the animals of the world that reply with an exchange of love and we become one.
Gratitude for the Animals
In the name of all humanity
 I give thanks to all the angels that preside in the animals. Insects, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals and all the other animals I give you thanks. You are part of life
on earth as we are and because of some of you we live .
 We thank you for your part in the equilibrium of nature. Please pardon the insolence of the humans who do not respect your important role on this earth.
Peace Peace Peace
The fire continues to burn and I realize I am almost at the peak of Fuji, I then feel the need to ask the permission to ask the Divine Residents to share the “Sacred Flame” and my heart with them and become one.
Gratitude for the Mountains
In the name of all humanity
I give thanks to the angels that preside in the mountains. Because of you we live thank you for your generousity
 and pardon the actions of man that do not respect you. Please calm your heart that wants to solicit our
awakening with eruptions and land slides.
Peace Peace Peace
With amazement I find myself at the peak of the great Fuji, and that fire that does not burn but purifies was still strong inside me. Suddenly from nowhere on the path appeared seven groups of seven men each one of them represented all men in this world. I decided to put the “Sacred Flame” in them and become at one with all humanity.Wherever I go whoever I meet I see myself reflected in their eyes because they are part of everything. I look at the first group and say:
1. Infinitive love - 2. Infinitive harmony - 3. Infinitive peace- 4. Infinitive light - 5. Infinitive protection - 6. Infinitive wisdom -  7. Infinitive life.
Peace Peace Peace
Then I see them happily go down the path and see the second group and say: 8. Infinitive happiness - 9. Infinitive prosperity - 10. Infinitive wealth - 11. Infinitive abundance - 12. Infinitive success - 13. Infinitive capacity - 14. Infinitive possibility.
Peace Peace Peace
And then to the third group: 15. Infinitive health- 16. Infinitive vivacity - 17. Infinitive healing - 18. Infinitive renewal - 19. Infinitive freshness - 20. Infinitive vitality - 21. Infinitive hope.
Peace Peace Peace
To the fourth group I say: 22. Infinitive freedom - 23. Infinitive creation - 24. Infinitive expansion - 25. Infinitive greatness - 26. Infinitive development - 27. Infinitive energy - 28. Infinitive gratitude.
Peace Peace Peace
To the fifth I say: 29. Infinitive joy - 30. Infinitive beauty - 31. Infinitive youth - 32. Infinitive goodness - 33. Infinitive sincerity - 34. Infinitive purity -  35. Infinitive justice.
Peace Peace Peace
To the sixth I say: 36. Infinitive victory – 37. Infinitive courage - 38. Infinitive progress - 39. Infinitive improvement - 40. Infinitive strength - 41. Infinitive intuition - 42. Infinitive innocence.
Peace Peace Peace
Finally to the seventh group I say: 43. Infinitive forgiveness - 44. Infinitive glory - 45. Infinitive nobility - 46. Infinitive dignity – 47 - Infinitive grace - 48. Infinitive splendour - 49. Infinitive compassion.
Peace Peace Peace
At that moment the young imperial figure appears together with his Master Yuzu Asaf, each one encircled with a bright light. The Master with his sacred hands opened His breast and took out His heart that contained a beautiful flame and He opened your chest and put it in. “now his love will continue to grow inside each of you and will continue to grow in life after life until the “thousand plus thousand.” and that will be the signal to re-awaken this extraordinary dream called “Project Mikado Nintoku-tennò” and all will be immortalized in a Sacred Book in Light and Stars.
Now you are one with the Earth, the Fuji, the wind, the water, the sun, the moon, the stars, with the nature, and with all beings. Feel the warmth that comes from the flame that you have in your heart. From your heart comes a light that shines in all different colours that does not belong to this world. It shines with love, pray with us. 
Thank you Father for the opportunity that you have
given me to experiment with the unified love.
Thank you for the infinitive energy that lives in me that
Yuzu Asaf and Mikado Nintoku call "Project Mikado Nintoku" .
Now give me the serenity to accept it, that I do not change, the strength
to change what I can, the capacity to distinguish one from the other.
That I may love for the rest of my life.
Peace Peace Peace
The story of Karmi is infinitive but inside this warm room apart from the warmth of the fire there is the warmth of an imperial peace that was interrupted by the ancient father of Kami :
“ My son, tell me who that boy is with the regal figure?”
 Kami replyed immediately: “Father, it is he who I met in meditation , he is the beloved Mikado Nintoku-tennò and we have discovered that we were both born on the same day the same year and the same time and we have both lived the same strange experience.”
In that moment these words filled the room and the sweet mother of Kami cried with joy and said: “My dear son, we all remember because that day there was a great celebration. Oh! My son you by the side of Mikado! Tell us if this burning love that is inside us is the love of the first Divinity of the sacred Fuji called Yuzu Asaf”
“Yes my dear mother, the love of Yuzu Asaf and our beloved Mikado Nintoku will burn inside all of  us for an eternity.”
Mikado Francesco has told:
"There is not simpler thing in the look for me":

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